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A reduced calorie sugar substitute (made from beet sugar) in crystal form for hard candy, confections and baked goods. About half as sweet as sugar with only 2 calories per gram. Pure Isomalt is used extensively by chefs and sugar artists for crafting decorative sugar-art pieces and garnishment accents.

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Create edible sculptures and sugar-free candies with Decomalt from Pastry 1. This powdered sweetener is a favorite with professional cake decorators. Derived from beet sugar, it has a subtle sweetness that won't overpower the rest of your bake. Non-crystallizing and resistant to humidity, Decomalt stays clear when heated, so is perfect for creating spun sugar decorations. When it hardens, it has a subtle shine that is great for hard candy shells.

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LorAnn Isomalt Granular Crystals, 16oz.

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