Citron Tree ‘Etrog’ (Citrus medica)

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Etrog' is one of the oldest known citrus plants going back to the beginning of western civilization. The plant is vigorous, free flowering and fruits

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What Is an Etrog?

Etrog Citron, or Citrus medica, fruit hanging on a tree; etrogim are the yellow citrons use by Jews during the week-long celebration of Sukkot Stock Photo - Alamy

Citrus medica / Citrus alata / Citrus bicolor - Toronja Dedos, Citron, Cedrate - Ouriques Farm

Citrus Medica Florentina

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Citrus-Citron medica 'Etrog' - Etrog - [Citrus Pre-Order] - Rutaceae (The Citrus Family)

3D Etrog - Citrus medica model - TurboSquid 2077200

Etrog. Stage of fruit development. Citron or Citrus medica used by Jewish people during the biblical Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Isolated on white Stock Photo

Citrus medica, Citron

Citrus medica 'Etrog' - Citron of the Jews